Angel Garcia thinks Cotto can beat Golovkin with the punch and grab technique

cotto221Trainer Angel Garcia believes that WBC middleweight champion Miguel Cotto has the talent and the ability to beat WBA middleweight champ Gennady Golovkin when/if they face each other one of the days if Cotto follows Garcia’s advice by using the told punch and grab technique against the hard hitting Golovkin.

Garcia, who had his son WBA/WBC light welterweight champion Danny Garcia use the same punch and grab strategy with great effectiveness last September against Lucas Matthysse, thinks that Cotto needs to jab Golovkin frequently and tie him up in a clinch each time he gets within punching range.

“He got hit with 50 jabs in two rounds against Geale. All Cotto’s got to do is use his jab, be smart, step around and grab him, as soon as he tries to get off,” Angel said to Cotto’s got to have 12 good rounds in him, cause he’s going to come, come, come, come, that’s all he’s going to do.”

It’s interesting that Angel is basically giving the same strategy to Cotto that he gave to Danny for his fight against Matthysse. That was a really boring fight to watch due to the constant holding that Danny did against Matthysse. I’m kind of surprised that Angel didn’t advise Cotto to hit Golovkin low all night long the way that Danny did with Matthysse, because that was one of the things that Danny used to slow him down.

It was a combination of jabbing, holding, low blows and movement that won the fight for Garcia. He won the fight but was god awful to watch, and he clearly wasn’t the more exciting fighter of the two at the end of the fight. What fans got was a dull champion using every trick in the book to beat a far more exciting, fan friendly fighter in Matthysse.

Had the referee Tony Weeks been on his J-O-B, he would have penalized Garcia repeatedly for the holding and low blow tactics to the point where either he would have been forced to fight Matthysse or else lose the fight.

“He’s [Golovkin] going to look for that big punch and all Cotto’s got to do is make him miss that big punch, take it away every-time, get off, step over, grab him,” Angel said. “If Cotto do that, the fight will be all his all night”.

I honestly don’t think the punch, move and grab strategy is going to be enough for Cotto to beat a guy as good as Golovkin. The problem with this strategy is that Golovkin is so accurate with his punches and so good in close in fighting on the inside. He’s going to be able to connect with a lot of his shots no matter how much holding Cotto uses in the fight.

He’s simply not going to be able to hold and move enough to keep from Golovkin wearing him down. We saw what happened to Daniel Geale when he tried to run from Golovkin recently. Golovkin was still able to catch up to Geale every now and then and waste him with punches. Golovkin has the kind of power where he can finish off an opponent quickly once he catches up to them.

If Angel is so confident about his strategy to beat Golovkin, then he should have Danny move up to 160 to face him. Danny is already fighting close to 160 after he rehydrates for his light welterweight fights, so it’s not as if he’s too small to fight Golovkin.