Are fighters running to Showtime to duck tough opponents on HBO

By Chester Rivers: During the Vietnam era in the U.S.A. thousands of young men receive draft notices summoning their services to war. Many chose to do the honorable thing and fought for their country regardless of what the future may have held while others, mostly those of privilege and entitlement and many ran to Canada. It seem that nowadays, in the sport of boxing, fighters who are afraid of their toughest competition on HBO run to the Showtime Network to avoid a confrontation with said competitor.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was the first to make his exodus to Showtime. Although the money was of a historic amount to lure him away, the idea of not facing Manny Pacquiao was also alluring. Did Mayweather move to Showtime to avoid the Pacquiao fight?

Golden Boy Promotions also packed up and moved to Showtime. Why is this significant? Because most of the top names sign with Golden Boy is also advised by longtime Mayweather adviser Al Haymon. Fighters such as Peter Quillen, Lucas Matthysse, Amir Khan and Danny Garcia are all advised by Al Haymon. The other thing they all have in common is the fact they have all been exposed in their last fights. While contracted to Showtime Quillen does not have to worry about Gennady Golovkin, Danny Garcia will not be obligated to face Juan Manual Marquez.

The third fighter to make his trek to Showtime is ironically the Canadian, Adonis Stevenson. Stevenson, known as Superman, is the reigning Fighter of the Year. In his first fight on Showtime Andrzej Fonfara almost found Stevenson’s kryptonite in the ninth round. An exhausted Stevenson would hold on and escape with the victory. Many feel Stevenson came to Showtime for one man, Bernard Hopkins but I feel it was to get away from a man named Sergey Kovalev. The Russian knock out artist has a record of 24-0 with 22 of those win by way of knock out. With Stevenson’s stamina issues and questionable defense I’d run too.

In a perfect world there would be only one champion per division, only the number 1 contender would fight the champion and all major bouts would be televised for free but, this world is not perfect and boxing is more business than sport.