Bellew: Adonis Stevenson was beaten by a journeyman with a 20-20 record

bellew46By Jay Kilby: #1 WBO, Tony Bellew (20-1-1, 12 KO’s) takes confidence that he’ll be able to pull off a huge upset this month against WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson (22-1, 19 KO’s) in their fight on November 30th due to Stevenson having been stopped in the 2nd round three years ago by journeyman Darnell Boone. Bellew feels that he would never lose to a fighter with a record like that, and he might be right.

Bellew told Sky Sports “Adonis Stevenson has been knocked out by a journeyman, a journeyman who has won 20 and lost 20. And the facts are I’m better than any fighter in the world who has won 20 fights and lost 20 fights. That’s my laying down the facts. I classify myself as unbeaten. I don’t believe I’ve lost a fight, and I’ll take that confidence into the fight on the night.”

A lot of what Bellew says make sense when you look at it in a superficial manner. However, if you look at Stevenson’s loss to Boone as being from him getting nailed by a hard shot that he wasn’t prepared for, it kind of sinks the whole idea of Stevenson being a flawed fighter because he lost to a 20-20 fighter, which is what Bellew appears to be saying. Boone may be a journeyman, but he’s a guy that also badly hurt Andre Ward in knocking him down in the 4th round in their fight in 2006. Ward has said that he’s never been hit harder than the shot Boone hit him with.

Bellew says he sees himself as an unbeaten fighter because he believes that he deserved to get a victory over former WBO light heavyweight champion Nathan Cleverly in their fight in 2011 in which Bellew lost by a 12 round majority decision. However, Bellew faded badly in that fight and clearly got outworked in the last four rounds and that’s why the judges gave the victory to Cleverly. Bellew says he would never lose to a 20-20 fighter. But you can say that Stevenson would never lose to a light puncher like Cleverly. I don’t know of anyone that would give Cleverly any chance at all in making it through a 12 round fight with a puncher like Stevenson. It’s doubtful that Cleverly would make it through six rounds against Stevenson.

Whether he wants to acknowledge it or not, Bellew is over his head against Stevenson in their fight on November 30th, and unless Bellew can come out fast and land a huge shot to get a KO, then Bellew is going to get knocked out or he’ll end up getting beaten by a lopsided decision.