Broner casually mentions beating Maidana to death

Broner and Maidana(Photo credit: Esther Lin/Showtime) By Mike Torney: WBA welterweight champion Adrien Broner (27-0, 22 KO’s) went a little overboard during Thursday’s press conference with some of his comments about his opponent Marcos Maidana (34-3, 31 KO’s) for this Saturday at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

Instead of sticking to the normal ‘I’m going to beat you badly’ type remarks, Broner took it one step further saying “If I just beat him to death, then I beat him to death. I’m going to beat his a** for sure.” In bringing up comments where Broner is lightly discussing the death of Maidana, it just seems off putting and not necessary in hyping a fight.

Broner took it to the lowest depths of the gutter by bringing up how he could potentially kill Maidana in the ring on Saturday. This is a sporting event, and comments like that is beyond what is acceptable for the sport. Every death that takes place in boxing is a tragedy, and for Broner to be lightly discussing the topic it makes him seem insensitive.

You can kind of see where Broner might have got that remark from. In the move Rocky 4, the Russian fighter Ivan Drago played by actor Dolph Lundgren says “If he dies, he dies,” when referring to a mortally injured Apollo Creed, who he had just finished bludgeoning to the canvas in a one-sided beating. But Broner needs to realize that it’s not okay to mention death in real life boxing events. It was okay for mythical fighter Ivan Drago to say things over the top in a movie, but it’s not okay for Broner to be casually mentioning death in a real life boxing event like his match against Maidana on Saturday.

The funny thing about this Saturday’s fight is that it’s not Broner who is coming into the match with the reputation for being a dangerous puncher; it’s Maidana who has been a wrecking force puncher during his career. If there’s going to be a knockout in this fight, it’s most likely going to be Maidana who scores the knockout, not Broner. We saw in Broner’s last fight against Paulie Malignaggi that Broner doesn’t have the same punching power that he had in the lightweight division. He’s lost something in moving up to the welterweight division.