Broner in make or break fight against Maidana

8888433(Photo credit: Tom Casino/Showtime) By Carlos Jones: After battling to a controversial win in his last fight, WBA welterweight champion Adrien Broner (27-0, 22 KO’s) is in a critical fight tonight against Marcos Maidana (34-3, 31 KO’s). Broner wants the big money fights, and he’s hoping to transition to becoming a pay-per-view attraction after this fight. But if Maidana is able to beat him in some way or even fight him tough enough here it has another controversial result, then Broner can pretty much forget all about him being a PPV fighter. Boxing fans have a long memory and they won’t forget Broner’s performances against Maidana and Paulie Malignaggi.

Maidana has the punching power to not only give Broner problems, but also to knock him out. Broner will need to make major changes to his game for him to win this fight because his single shot pot shot attacks are going to be like someone sticking their fingers in a dike hoping to plug up a huge leak. Maidana is the type that will walk through single shots and go to work on the inside with his nonstop power shots. Broner doesn’t have the kind of power to win a war with Maidana. He’s got to somehow make Maidana miss and keep him off of him as much as possible if he’s to win tonight/

In the past two years, Broner has captured world titles at super featherweight, lightweight and now the welterweight divisions. Some fans fancy Broner to be another Floyd Mayweather Jr., because he’s won a lot of world titles at the still early age of 24. Fans see Broner capable of winning world titles at 140 and 154, which would make Broner a 5 division world champion. However, we saw in Broner’s last fight against Malignaggi the beginning of what what appears to be his upper ceiling in his talent.

Broner’s power at 147 wasn’t impressive, and he didn’t possess the work rate or the hand speed to make up for his lack of power in this new weight class. Broner still won the fight by a narrow 12 round split decision, but it wasn’t a decisive victory by any means, and it wasn’t a good fight for him. Malignaggi was considered at the time to be the easiest mark among the four welterweight champions, and perhaps the only guy that Broner had a chance of beating. If Broner was really a good fighter then this should have been an easy fight for him, but it wasn’t. It was a really tough fight for him that could have gone the other way. Broner was out-landed in that fight and it wasn’t the kind of performance that would leave you to believe that he’s the next Mayweather.