Broner needs to use his legs against Maidana, says Malignaggi

broner782By Jay Kilby: WBA welterweight champion Adrien Broner (27-0, 22 KO’s) needs to use his legs to avoid punishment in his first defense against #2 WBA Marcos Maidana (34-3, 31 KO’s) on December 14th, says Paulie Malignaggi of Showtime. Malignaggi is familiar with Broner having recently lost a close 12 round split decision to him last June in Brooklyn, New York.

Malignaggi notes that Broner is a good defensive fighter, but he doesn’t move his legs a lot and he can be hit to the body as opposed to the head. Malignaggi figures that Maidana will be looking to land his shots to Broner’s body knowing that it’ll be difficult to land his power shots to Broner’s head with the way that he tends to bend backwards to avoid getting hit to the head.

Broner and Maidana will be facing each other in a fight televised by Showtime at the Alamodome, in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Malignaggi said to “Maidana will be the stronger guy. I think Broner will be better served to use his legs more than he’s used them in the past…what Broner gives you is a body – he doesn’t move his legs. He may be rolling and twisting and maneuvering, but his feet are planted, and what happens when your feet are planted and you do that against a guy like Marcos Maidana is, he can still physically body you, he can push you around, he can push that head down and rough you up a little bit.”

Malignaggi says he’s very interested to see how Broner handles Maidana’s big power, because this can be a potentially very difficult fight for Broner if he tries to fight Maidana the way that he’d done through most of his career by standing in one place and backing up to the ropes to fight with his back against the ropes.

Maidana does well agaisnt those types of fighters, and Broner is going to need to find a different strategy to win this fight unless he’s able to hurt Maidana with something big. Thus far, Maidana has never been knocked out before, although he has been hurt to the body in his fights against Josesito Lopez and Amir Khan. Broner can punch well to the body, so this is potentially an area where might be vulnerable. But at the same time this fight could turn into a real nightmare for Broner if he’s unable to move enough to keep out of the way of Maidana’s powerful shots.