Canelo and Cotto hit harder than Maidana, says Mayweather Sr

maidana5Trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. isn’t worried about the big power that WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana (35-3, 31 KO’s) possesses with his punches, as he believes that Maidana won’t be able to lay so much as a glove on Floyd Jr. this Saturday night in their huge clash at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Floyd Sr. readily acknowledges that Maidana does have considerable power, but he doesn’t see him being able to connect with his shots against the elusive target that he’ll have in front of him on Saturday night in facing Floyd Jr.

“He [Maidana] don’t hit as hard as Alvarez, and he don’t hit as hard as Cotto,” Mayweather Sr. said to “If he don’t hit nothing, he can’t do nothing, and that’ll be all night long.”

It’s pretty much true that Maidana will have a very difficult time trying to land his shots on Saturday night unless Mayweather decides to stand in front of him and fight his kind of fight, which Mayweather has said that he’ll do on Saturday.

If Mayweather fights defensively like he did against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Robert Guerrero, then Maidana won’t touch him enough to be able to test his power on his chin. But Floyd Sr. is correct about Maidana not having the same kind of power that Cotto and Canelo possess. Those guys hit harder than Maidana. The one difference between those guys and Maidana is the punching angles that Maidana throws his shots from. He likes to throw a lot of really wide shots that are sometimes difficult to track.

If Mayweather doesn’t have his guard up at all times, he could get clipped by one of these wide shots and knocked down on Saturday. In the two knockdowns that Maidana got against Adrien Broner last December, Maidana hit Broner with looping hooks that Broner never saw coming. The punches were thrown with good power, and Broner clearly wasn’t ready to be hit like that with shots that he didn’t see.

Mayweather is likely going to need to make some adjustments to his defense because he’s going to be dealing with punches coming at him from odd angles in this fight, and he’s not been fighting guys that throw punches from those angles. Mayweather will be expecting the shots to come in straighter, and that’s going to leave him open for punches coming to the side of his head.