Canelo outlines his 2014 plans

canelo544By Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (42-1-1, 30 KO’s) finally has come out and stated what his plans are for his next fight. Canelo says he’ll be fighting next on March 8th on pay per view. But what’s interesting is that Canelo didn’t pick a Mexican holiday for his next fight or his other two fights that he’s already scheduled for 2014. Canelo will be fighting on July 26th and November 22nd, presumably in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 23-year-old Canelo doesn’t have an opponent yet for any of those fights, but his promoter Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions is saying that the following guys are on the list of potential opponents: Erislandy Lara, Austin Trout, Carlos Molina, Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto. Of that list, Cotto and Martinez are the most highly sought after opponents for Canelo. However, if Schaefer isn’t able to get Cotto or Martinez to agree to the fight, then he will look to get Molina, Lara or Trout.

It’s likely that Molina will be the guy that faces Canelo on March 8th if Cotto or Martinez don’t take the fight because Molina has a title, and he’s an easier mark than Lara or Trout. Canelo already had a close call with Trout last April, and he’s not going to likely agree to another fight with him unless there’s absolutely no other options available to him.

All three dates will be PPV for Canelo and that involves risk as well because Canelo is coming off of a one-sided loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. last September, and he was pretty well exposed in that fight by Mayweather. To go from a one-sided loss to being a PPV attraction is a bit much. Had the fight been close then I could see Canelo making the transition to being a PPV fighter in his own right. But he’s going from being dominated by Mayweather and winning a close decision over Trout to asking fans to pay to see him fight. I just don’t see him getting the PPV numbers that he thinks he’ll get. I could be wrong, but this could turn around and be a big disaster for him.

Canelo won’t be fighting on the Mexican holidays in May or September because Mayweather already has those days. Schaefer said this about Canelo to ESPN “Those are the dates that that Floyd Mayweather already reserved for next year, just as he did this year. We already knew that was when Floyd Mayweather planned to fight, so Canelo is not going to fight on those dates. Besides, if you fight in May and September, it’s difficult to schedule three fights in the year.”

Whatever you say, Schaefer. I’m sure Canelo could fight in January and then be back in the ring in May to fight on Cinco de Mayo. It’s not as if he’s old at 23 and needs a lot of time to heal in between fights. Most of his fights are mismatches anyway, so I don’t see the logic of him not fighting on the Mexican holidays. Of course, with his insistence that his fights be PPV, he really has no choice but to avoid the same dates as Mayweather because he’ll be stuck fighting on his undercard if he were to choose the same date because both guys are with Showtime.