Chaves: I don’t count my loss to Rios as a real defeat

#10 IBF Diego Chaves (23-1, 19 KOs) says he doesn’t rate his 9th round disqualification loss to Top Rank fighter Brandon Rios (32-2-1, 23 KOs) from last Saturday as a real defeat because he felt that he was ganged up on by Rios with his fouling and with the referee Vic Drakulich, who took points away from him for no reason.

Chaves thinks he was robbed badly in the fight and he feels that it was a real disgrace how he was treated.

“That loss shouldn’t count because it was two against one in the ring,” Chaves said in being interviewed after the fight. “I really don’t count this as a loss. I still don’t understand the disqualification. I deserve a rematch or another big fight. I’ve never been in with a fighter that dirty before. I came to box. Rios is the one that made it dirty.”

It’s difficult to see what Drakulich was looking at when he called a halt to the fight, because there was no real fouling being committed by Chaves at the time the fight was halted. Chaves said that he knew that Drakulich was going to disqualify him in that round, because he’s come up to him at the start of the round and told him he was going to disqualify him in that round. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Chaves felt that he could have done anything in the round, and Drakulich was going to DQ him.

The good news is that the U.S boxing fans that saw the fight, they’re not considering it as a loss either. But they’re also not seeing the fight as a victory for Chaves, because there was still two rounds left in the fight at the time of the stoppage.

The fight was still very much in doubt at the time it was halted. Fans see the bout as having really no winner. Instead, the fans see the fight as a draw pretty much. That’s the sad thing for Rios, because he comes out of the fight with pseudo victory with many fans feeling he was given preferential treatment by Drakulich because he’s with Top Rank.