Chaves was DQ’d for throwing an elbow in Rios fight

After much confusion about why Diego Chaves (23-1, 19 KOs) was disqualified by referee Vic Drakulich in the 9th round last Saturday night in his loss to Brandon Rios (32-2-1, 23 KOs) at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, it’s now known that Chaves was DQ’d because he supposedly threw an elbow. However, replays at the time of the stoppage show no such elbow being thrown by Chaves.

Bob Bennett, the Nevada State Athletic Commission Director, is the one saying that an elbow was thrown by Chaves. What’s unclear at this time is whether this is something that he’s seen for himself and can verify to be true, or if this is the story he got from Drakulich. For some reason, Drakulich didn’t give a reason while disqualifying Chaves in the 9th. He just gave him the boot without saying what it was to the boxing fans in the arena, who obviously weren’t happy to see the fight ending prematurely after they’d paid their hard-earned money to see the fight.

The NSAC will be meeting with Drakulich on Monday to go over the fight with him, and obviously discuss the ending. They’re likely going to have tape of the round that they’ll be reviewing. If there was no elbow that was thrown by Chaves, it’s going to leave Drakulich in a position where he’s going to need to explain what he actually saw.

Drakulich took a point off from Chaves in the 3rd round for clinching. He’d given him only one warning, and he’d not done a lot of holding in the fight at that point. There 2 clinches in round one, 3 clinches in round two and 9 clinches in round three. That point deduction was pointless by Drakulich and it makes you wonder whether he had his head on straight for the fight. You don’t see fighters losing a point after just 14 clinches in three rounds of action. That’s less than 5 clinches per round.

The bigger question that the NSAC will need to discuss with Drakulich is why he didn’t take points off from Rios for the head-butting and rabbit punches that he was using in the fight.