Cotto is ready for Mayweather, says Roach

cotto00000Miguel Cotto (39-4, 32 KO’s) officially resurrected his career last Saturday night with his win over WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez in a fight where Cotto looked like the fighter that he once was earlier in his career. In the days since the victory, Cotto’s trainer has been speaking out to the media that he wants to match Cotto back up with Floyd Mayweather Jr to avenge his defeat from two years ago and show that he’s not the same fighter he was back then. Roach has no doubts in his mind that Cotto will KO Mayweather this time, and do it quickly without any hassles.

“Miguel is ready to go against Mayweather. He’s in the best shape of his career,” Roach said via sportsworldnews. “He returned to the style that he needed to go back to. And as Miguel said last week, if I had been in his corner for the first fight against Mayweather – he would have won.”

Roach wants to test his theory later this year if he can get Mayweather to agree to a second fight with the 33-year-old Cotto. It’s possible Mayweather might give Roach his wish by taking the fight if he feels that the boxing public would be interested in a second between them. Right now, it’s hard to say whether boxing fans would want to see the two of them fight each other again because it was pretty clear the last time they fought that Mayweather was the better fighter of the two.

It seems to bother Roach that he’s never had his career as a trainer validated by one of his fighters facing Mayweather so that he could get a chance to prove how good of a trainer he is. Roach’s fighter Manny Pacquiao came close to getting a fight against Mayweather in 2010, but that fight fell through during the negotiation stage due to the issue over the drug testing. Roach still hopes that Mayweather will agree to fight Pacquiao in the future, but that odds of that happening aren’t too good. It’s much more likely that Mayweather will agree to fight Cotto again if he feels that it’s a fight that will make a lot of money.