Golovkin easy for HBO to work with

golovkin#1(Photo credit: Will Hart/HBO) It seems that WBA middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (29-0, 26 KOs) is someone that has made it easy for HBO Boxing executives to work with him in terms of the fights that he takes on their network. According to Doug Fisher, Golovkin hasn’t turned down one fighter that HBO has approved for him to fight.

Golovkin’s also not turned down any fighter that they’ve asked him to fight. It’s unclear who those fighters are that Golovkin has given the green light to fighting, but you can bet that Curtis Stevens, Matthew Macklin, Gregorz Proksa and Gabriel Rosado are all fighters that HBO likely offered Golovkin to fight. It’s also true that none of those fighters are a real threat to the top guys like Peter Quillin and Miguel Cotto, so the fact that Golovkin said yes to all of them doesn’t really say a whole heck of a lot about Golovkin, does it?

Now if Golovkin were to be offered someone dangerous like Andre Ward, Carl Froch, Mikklel Kessler and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr for him to fight and he said yes to any of those guys, then, yeah, it would be a big deal that Golovkin is agreeable to fighting them. But for him to bless the idea of him fighting Macklin, Proksa, Rosado and Stevens is no big deal.

“If you talk to HBO executives (as I have), they will tell you, on the record, that Golovkin has not turned down a single fighter approved by the network to face him,” Fisher said to RingTV.com. They will also tell you, off the record, that GGG is the ONLY HBO fighter who is willing to face whoever they propose to him.”

Golovkin will be fighting Daniel Geale, an obvious HBO approved fighter, at Madison Square Garden in New York. Geale can’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag, and doesn’t stand much of any chance of winning this fight unless Golovkin keels over with some kind of injury during some point in the fight. Golovkin has far too much power for the light hitting Geale to deal with in this fight. The fight is basically just a bout in which Golovkin will be getting a scalp from a guy that used to be a factor in the middleweight division.