Groves find it strange that Froch seeks reassurance

froch77By Greg Aspen: Unbeaten challenger George Groves (19-0, 15 KO’s) sees IBF/WBA super middleweight champion Carl Froch (31-2, 22 KO’s) as a peculiar soft of fighter with the way that Froch seems to be bothered that Groves isn’t showing him respect and honoring him. Groves wants no part of groveling and scraping the floor for an opponent, even if it’s a champion he’s facing.

The only thing Groves wants to do is to show up on the fight night and beat Froch to capture his two world titles. All of the other stuff about showing respect for his past accomplishments, Groves sees as counter productive to what he’s trying to accomplish in the ring.

Groves told Buncey’s Boxing Podcast “I’ve told him the truth. I showed up and I looked like I thought I was going to win, which I do. That seemed to alienate him no end. Later on he said that I haven’t spoken about him in a positive light enough, that I haven’t talked about his achievements enough. All of which I found very strange, that he seeks reassurance and a sort of a ‘pat on the back’ from a guy he’s fighting, which is really sort of strange to me.”

It does seem very odd why Froch is so preoccupied with wanting Groves to show him respect for the things that he’s done during his career. It makes you wonder whether Froch is doing this because of how young the 25-year-old Groves is, or it’s a case where Froch suddenly feels like he’s got it made because of the things that he’s accomplished during the past year of his career.

It can’t be from what Froch has accomplished during the Super Six tournament because that was more or less a disaster for Froch with him getting beaten twice in losses to Mikkel Kessler and Andre Ward, and getting credit for a highly controversial 12 round decision over American Andre Dirrell in a fight that took place in Froch’s home city of Nottingham, UK. You can make an argument that Froch’s record during the Super Six tournament should have been 2-3 with his clear victories coming against Glen Johnson and Arthur Abraham.

If Froch has been hanging out with a lot of back slappers, then that might be a reason too why he’s looking for Groves to show him a lot of respect for what he’s done in the past. If you’re around a lot of people that are giving you tons of praise for what you’ve done, it can give you a false sense of security that you’re better than you actually are. That might be something that Froch has had.