Groves plans on forcing Froch to fight hard in first six rounds

groves33George Groves (19-1, 15 KO’s) doesn’t plan on changing his battle tactics for his rematch with IBF/WBA super middleweight champion Carl Froch (32-2, 23 KO’s) on May 31st. Groves says he’s going to start fast just like he did last time they fought in November, and force Froch to either take punishment for the first 6 rounds or fight back.

Either way, Groves thinks he’ll come out ahead, because Froch will either gas out or walk onto a big shot and get knocked down or out.

“If he comes out and tries to be cautious and not throw so many punches, well then he’s still not going to be doing anything to keep me off of him, which is frightening for him,” Groves said to “He’s just going to walk into shots. He’s going to have to punch his way out of bad situations and then walk on to even bigger shots. What he’s got just isn’t good enough. He’s a caveman.”

Froch probably won’t be able to do much in the first 6-7 rounds if Groves does decide to go after him the way he did last November. Froch doesn’t have the hand speed or the defense to do well against Groves in the early part of the fight. Froch accepted the rematch, but only because he was kind of put in a situation where it was impossible to walk away from it.

The money was too good, and the fans badly wanted to see the two fighters go at it again. Froch probably feels that he can wear Groves down sand get him in the same situation he was in the 9th round when the referee Howard John Foster stopped the fight, albeit prematurely in the minds of many boxing fans. But if Groves doesn’t wear down, and if he doesn’t get hurt by one of Froch’s big home run punches, we could see Froch in a world of hurt in this fight, and likely to be stopped.

Groves has the kind of power to where he can stop Froch outright and win early if he connects with a big enough shot. Groves had Froch on his backside in the 1st round and if there was a little more time left in the round, he might have been able to stop him.

Groves needs to be on his guard to be careful to avoid getting hit with Froch’s big right hands. If he’s going to play with fire by going after Froch, he could get burnt if he’s not solid with his defensive skills.