Huck taking Arslan seriously this time

huck56329-year-old Marco Huck (36-2-1, 25 KO’s) says he’s taking his scheduled January 25th rematch against 43-year-old challenger Firat Arslan (33-6-2, 21 KO’s) much more seriously than their previous fight a little more than a year ago on November 3rd, 2012. Huck was given a highly controversial 12 unanimous decision in a fight that few people, outside of the three judges who scored the fight, felt that Huck deserved to win.

Huck took a real beating in that fight and at best he appeared to win maybe 3 rounds. The scoring was just bizarre to say the least, and further black eye for the fights that take place in Germany in terms of controversial decisions.

The Huck-Arslan rematch will take place at the Hanns-Martin Schleyer Halle, in Stuttgart, Germany.

“I already have indicated in July at the first press conference in Stuttgart that I hadn’t really taken the training seriously before the first fight,” Huck said via Fightnews. “This time, the situation will be different.”

Huck has had one fight since the Arslan fight in taking on and beating Ola Afolabi by a 12 round majority decision last year in June. Huck fought a lot more effectively in winning this fight than he had in his 2 previous bouts against Afolabi. But none the less, Huck took a great deal of punishment in that fight, and you have to wonder how much longer before the many ring wars that Huck has been in will start to catch up to him. Huck has been in three hard fights with Afolabi, as well as very difficult fights against Arslan, Alexander Povetkin, Denis Lebedev, Victor Emilio Ramirez, Steve Cunningham and Vadim Tokarev.

With each Huck fight the question is always there: does he still have it? Will the tremendous punishment he’s taken finally show it’s affects and cause him to take a final beating and lose his title?

Huck is likely going to use movement against Arslan to try and avoid getting beaten up on the inside again. It might work, but Arslan is good at cutting off the ring and forcing the issue. Huck will likely do a lot of shoving and throwing rabbit punches. Hopefully the referee is a competent one and will enforce the rules, because it would be sad if Huck gets away with throwing rabbit punches and shoving Arslan all night long without having points taken away for the illegal moves. It’s kind of a strange thing with referees. They tend to take points off, at least some of them, for fighters that throw low blows, yet they tend to ignore fighters that throw dangerous rabbit punches. I think rabbit punches are a lot more dangerous than low blows, and it’s baffling how referees ignore this and focus more on eliminating low blows.