Johnny Nelson: Kell sent a message with victory over Senchenko

brook73By Greg Aspen: Johnny Nelson of Sky Sports was very impressed with British welterweight contender Kell Brook’s 4th round stoppage win over former WBA welterweight champion Vyacheslav Senchenko last Saturday night at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield, UK. Nelson doesn’t see it as a situation where Brook defeated an opponent with an inflated resume and a past history of being the WBA paper champion at 147, but rather Nelson believes that his win by Brook has shook up the boxing community by showing that Brook is for real.

Nelson told Sky Sports “Kell has sent out a real message by stopping Senchenko, though.”

I don’t think the boxing world has gotten the message that Nelson is talking about because Senchenko wasn’t a good enough opponent to send any kind of message. The only message that the other top fighters in the 147 lb. division got is that Brook’s chin is suspect, as he was staggered by Senchenko in the 3rd round. That’s the second time in Brook’s last three fights where he’s been hurt. Carson Jones had him staggering all over the ring in their first fight a year ago in July.

The other message that the top 147 pounders got is that Brook continues to be matched softly despite the fact that the International Boxing Federation has given him a #1 ranking in the welterweight division. Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn has shown an unwillingness to put Brook in with anyone remotely good that could give him any kind of a test. Instead of having Brook tested by a good fighter, Hearn seems content to match him softly until Brook gets his title shot either against IBF champion Devon Alexander or WBA champion Adrien Broner.

Brook is in the position to get that title shot now that he’s beaten Senchenko in the IBF welterweight eliminator bout, so it’ll be good to finally see how Brook does when matched against a good opponent. I have a feeling he’s going to struggle badly and end up getting knocked out against Alexander. This guy is a lot faster and more defensively sound than the opposition that Hearn and Brook’s previous promoter has been feeding him during his career. When you get stepped up as much as Brook will be against Alexander, then you tend to struggle and that’s what I see happening. Brook will be facing a faster guy in the United States, and he’s going to be really in for it. I just hope Brook can make it through training camp this time without getting hurt left and right because I want to see fight Alexander this time.