Jones Jr. thinks Mayweather Jr. won’t get credit for beating Pacquiao

floyd#1By Jay Kilby: HBO analyst Roy Jones Jr. doesn’t see the point in Floyd Mayweather Jr. agreeing to fight Manny Pacquiao at this stage in his career because he would potentially find himself in a no-win situation no matter what happens in a fight of that type. If Pacquiao beats Mayweather, then it would be a huge blow for Mayweather’s career because it would be his first loss of his career, and many boxing fans would question Mayweather’s entire legacy.

If Mayweather beats Pacquiao and struggles to win, then fans will say Mayweather isn’t that good because he had o struggle against the soon to be 35-year-old Pacquiao, the same fighter that was knocked out in the 6th round last December by Juan Manuel Marquez. If Mayweather easily beats Pacquiao, then fans will point out that he didn’t beat a prime version of Pacquiao from three-four years ago.

Jones Jr. said to On the Ropes Boxing Radio “Some people would still watch it, but because he’s [Pacquiao] now diminished and knocked out by Juan Marquez, who cares? If Floyd lost that would be very bad for him because if he lost that would be the only news. If he beats Pacquiao, they’re gonna say, ‘Oh, of course. Marquez knocked him out so how can Floyd not beat him…so if he wins, it does nothing for him…It’s crazy for Floyd to even give him that chance.”

I have a feeling that this is exactly the way that Mayweather sees it. He’s got to know that with Pacquiao having lost his last two fight and having not looked good since his win over Antonio Margarito three years ago in 2010, that fans won’t give him any credit whatsoever if he blasts out or dominated Pacquiao.

They’ll see him getting a win over the non-prime version of Pacquiao, and because of that they won’t be willing to give Mayweather much credit at all for accomplishing that task.

Pacquiao and his promoter Bob Arum badly want the Mayweather fight, saying that they want it to give the boxing fans what they want to see it. But obviously the huge payday that will come with a Mayweather Jr. fight also plays into it as well making it a tempting fight to make. It’s a fight that would give Pacquiao a huge payday, and it would be like him fighting twice. But for Mayweather, the money wouldn’t be so great because he would have to share close to half of the purse with Pacquiao instead of giving him 10 percent. If Mayweather gives Pacquiao 45 or even 40 percent of the purse, he’ll not come out as far ahead in fighting nhim than he would in fighting a lesser opponent but paying him only 10 percent of the cut,.

A fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather really doesn’t do much for Mayweather at this point. Until Pacquiao redeems himself for his losses then it’s a waste of time for Mayweather to even consider a fight with him. There’s too much to lose and not enough to gain for Mayweather.