Julio Diaz plans on breaking Keith Thurman down round by round

diaz33The more experienced Julio Diaz (40-9-1, 29 KO’s) says he’s going to focus on fighting smart and boxing the younger, stronger and larger interim WBA World welterweight champion Keith Thurman (22-0, 20 KO’s) in their fight next month on Showtime at the StubHub Center, in Carson, California, USA. Diaz, 34, tried to KO his last two opponents Shawn Porter and Amir Khan, and only has two losses to show for it. This time, Diaz says he plans on using his skills to try and earn a decision, and in doing so he’ll have a better chance of winning.

“I have to keep my head this time against Thurman,” Diaz said via RingTV. “In this case, we’re going to work round-by-round and sort of break down Keith Thurman and then try and get him where I want him to be and be able to finish off the fight.”

Thurman is kind of a predictable fighter in what he does. He likes to move around an awful lot and throw constant left hooks to nail his opponents when they’re coming forward. He throws punches from a lot of different angles, but for the most part his weapon of choice is to throw left hooks. Thurman frequently throws the left hooks while backing up, and we a lot of that in his recent wins over Jesus Soto Karass, Diego Gabriel Chaves and Jan Zaveck.

If Diaz can keep his right hand held high, he can nullify Thurman’s left hook completely and force him to use his right hand to do most of his work. Thurman’s right isn’t nearly as dangerous as his left hook, though.

Diaz has had rotten luck as of late. He was brought in to lose to both Shawn Porter and Amir Khan in theri fights, and he came up empty in both of the fight despite the fact that he fought well enough to deserve wins in both of the fight.

It’s going to be difficult for Diaz to earn a decision against a fighter as popular as Thurman, as he’s the A side in this fight and the judges are likely going to side with Thurman when it comes to handing down the decision.