Kamegai: I didn’t fly across the ocean to lose to Guerrero

LA-WKOT-Kamegai(Picture credit: Hogan Photos) #7 IBF, #13 WBC Yoshihiro Kamegai (24-1-1, 21 KO’s) expects to beat Robert Guerrero (31-2-1, 18 KO’) this Saturday night in their fight at the StubHub Center, in Carson, California, USA. Kamegai traveled all the way from Tokyo, Japan to fight the 31-year-old Guerrero, and he doesn’t plan on coming home a loser when he departs for Japan after the fight. Kamegai has big power, and he plans on using that power to punish Guerrero with it.

Guerrero hasn’t fought in over a year, as he’s been taking it easy since getting a big payday against Floyd Mayweather Jr in May of last year. With the money that Guerrero got for that fight, he didn’t have the need to return to the ring as fast as he had previously done. But he had to come back now because for him to wait longer, he’d be putting his career at risk. For a welterweight, you don’t ever want to stay out of the ring for more than a year due to the changes that occur in your body when you’ve been inactive. I’d be surprising if Guerrero is at the same level he was when he last fight, because not fighting messes with a fighters’ endurance as well as his ability to stay sharp.

“I didn’t fly all the way across the ocean to lose,” Kamegai said. “I came here to not just win the fight but to have a decisive victory. What I’ve worked on most since arriving is a way to avoid all of his holding tactics and a way to keep him from being able to fight from long range. Not a lot of people know me, but they will after the fight.”

5’9 ½” doesn’t have to worry so much about Guerrero fighting him at long range, because that’s not really his game.
Guerrero tends to get in close range to bomb his opponents with shots, and he definitely likes to hold and hit. Kamegai is going to need a good inside game to deal with these tactics otherwise he’s going to take a beating on Saturday.