Mayweather’s father doesn’t want him to fight Maidana again

If Floyd Mayweather Sr. gets his way, his son Floyd Mayweather Jr. (46-0, 26 KO’s) won’t bother giving Marcos Maidana (35-4, 31 KO’s) a rematch next September. While Floyd Sr. was originally in favor of Mayweather Jr. giving Maidana a rematch, he’s since changed his mind about the idea, as he feels that Maidana did far too much fouling in their fight last Saturday night for it to be worthwhile for a rematch to take place.

Floyd Sr. was specifically bothered by Maidana’s head-butts, low blows, holding and hitting. Floyd Sr. thinks that Maidana purposefully made it an MMA type of fight.

“If I was Floyd, I wouldn’t fight him again,” Floyd Sr. said to “It was a superb fighter [Mayweather] against an MMA fighter [Maidana]. He hit him in the balls. He hit him on the hip. He hit him with his head. [He] butted his eye. Maidana don’t deserve a rematch.”

Maidana may not have been thinking too clearly when he decided to use a scorched earth approach to trying to beat Mayweather because he seems to have burned his bridges with Floyd Sr. In fairness to Maidana, he might have thought that last Saturday’s fight against Mayweather would be the only chance he’d ever get to fight him. It makes sense that if Maidana thought he wasn’t going to get another shot at Mayweather as far as a rematch goes, he would take out all the stops and go medieval on him to try any way possible to get the victory. But in this case it may have backfired on Maidana, because Mayweather was thinking about giving him a rematch moments after the fight. However, if Mayweather’s father has any say so in the matter, which is quite possible that he does, Mayweather will move on without giving Maidana second shot at a big payday fight.

The thing of it is Maidana didn’t need to play it rough with Mayweather because those tactics didn’t change the outcome of the fight, and all it did was sour his father against fighting Maidana again.