Pacquiao must face Canelo or Guerrero to get Mayweather, says Floyd Sr.

canelo6784578By Luke Penhasi: Floyd Mayweather Sr., the father and trainer for unbeaten mega star Floyd Mayweather Jr. (45-0, 26 KO’s), has set up the conditions for what Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao (55-5-2, 38 KO’s) must do in order to get a fight against his son.

Floyd Sr. wants Pacquiao to prove that he can beat former WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and former three time world champion Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero before he’ll consider Pacquiao as proving himself worthy of a fight against Mayweather Jr. Pacquiao’s win last Saturday night against Brandon Rios wasn’t enough in Floyd’s Sr’s mind to give him a shot against his son. Floyd Sr. didn’t rate Rios, and after his poor performance against Pacquiao, he doesn’t rate him.

Mayweather Sr. told Jazzyn Jeff “To me, Brandon Rios can’t fight. In what I just saw of him, I don’t see no skills, no knowledge about boxing. I don’t call that redeeming himself. To do that he needs to fight Alvarez or Guerrero. If he can whip one of them, then it’s time to get it on.”

The question is whether Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum would be willing to let Pacquiao fight the young 23-year-old Canelo. There’s little doubt that Arum would have no problems with Pacquiao fighting Guerrero, as far as the match-up goes, but Canelo is a different story due to his size, power and youth. Arum is very careful with his fighters, and he tends to not want to help out rival promoter’s fighters by matching his guys against theirs. He doesn’t want to do the heavy lifting of improving the status of his competitors’ fighters.

There’s also the Top Rank vs. Golden Boy Promotions rivalry that stands in the way of a Pacquiao vs. Guerrero or Canelo fights. Of course, if Arum believed that those fights would lead to a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, then he might possibly agree to it, but I still highly doubt it. There would be too much risk involved for Pacquiao to take on either of those guys, and he stands to lose a lot more than they do given that he’s the more popular fighter t this point in his career.

Arum has started talking Pacquiao vs. Mayweather since last Saturday. That was Pacquiao’s first since last his victory over Juan Manuel Marquez two years ago in 2011, as he had lost his previous two fights to Marquez and Tim Bradley. However, Rios isn’t a ranked welterweight and he was coming off of a loss to Mike Alvarado, which is why Floyd Sr. doesn’t see Pacquiao’s win over Rios as being enough for him to get a big money fight against Mayweather Jr.