Reynoso: Canelo wants to punish Lara due to his smack talk

canelo00000Saul “Canelo” Alvarez’s trainer Jose “Chepo” Reynoso says that he’s still upset at Erislandy Lara (19-1-2, 12 KO’s) the smack talk that he had in the weeks running up to their fight on July 12th, and that he intends to greatly punish the Cuban fighter for the things that he said to him and about him. Chepo says that Canelo is totally concentrating on beating Lara up when they get inside the ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With the way that Chepo is talking, Canelo will be coming into the fight seeing it as a revenge angle where he wants to get even with Lara instead of focusing on being smart, boxing and trying to get the victory any way he can.

“Canelo has such a different attitude going into this fight, his attitude is much better,” Reynoso said to “His pride was hurt because of all the smack Lara has been talking. He is totally focused on July 12 and wants to punish Lara thoroughly. Canelo looks at Lara as an obnoxious child that needs to be put into his place.”

This isn’t good. I’ve seen Canelo get angry and turn red-faced during some of his fights, and he never fights at a high level when he’s in that state. It’s usually when things are suddenly going against him where he’s getting nailed a lot. At that point Canelo lowers his head and comes in throwing big body and head shots in trying to get even.

The tactic might prove to be a mistake if he tries this against a guy like Lara, because he does especially well against opponents that come at him trying to slug it out, and an angry, red-faced Canelo could prove to be the perfect opponent for Lara to clown for 12 round unless Canelo can get a hold over his emotions and fight smart.

The whole issue about Canelo getting his pride hurt centered on Lara having to trash talk him on twitter in order to get him to say yes to the fight. After watching Canelo ignore him to fight guys like Josesito Lopez and Alfredo Angulo in the past two years, Lara took things into his own hands and hounded Canelo until he finally agreed to fight him.