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Roach still wants Pacquiao-Mayweather fight

pac6766 (2)By Greg Aspen: It’s always sad when someone misses an opportunity in life for whatever reason and they then spend years still talking about their missed opportunity without realizing that the window is permanently closed and that they need to move on with their lives. Trainer Freddie Roach seems to be a clear example of one of those people with him stubbornly holding out hope that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will someday agree to fight his top fighter Manny Pacquiao before the two go off into retirement.

Pacquiao is no longer in the zenith of his career having lost his last two fights, and looked poor in both of them. Pacquiao had a chance to fight Mayweather three years ago, but the fight fell apart over the random blood testing for performance enhancing drugs that Mayweather was insisting on. Back then this was a new thing for a fighter to be asking for testing of that sort, but now it’s quite commonplace.

Roach said “That’s way too generous [the blood testing and 60/40 purse split] for me. I would never do that. That’s how bad [Pacquiao] wanted the fight. I still have hope. Mayweather’s in the same position [Pacquiao] is. You’ve only got eight fighters in the world that can sell on pay-per-view and make money. That’s why I give it a shot.”

In looking at Roach’s comment, you can see how his attitude for a fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather is a self-defeating one. On one hand he’s talking about still having hope that the fight can happen, and then on the other hand he’s defeating himself by saying he wouldn’t agree to the blood testing and 60-40 purse split. It’s quite baffling that he would take that stance because it seems to give the indication that Roach hasn’t quite come to terms with the fact that Pacquiao has lost his last two fights, one of which by a brutal knockout by Juan Manuel Marquez, and he’s now fighting in the tax friendly Macao, China rather than the U.S. There is nothing that Pacquiao has going for him to give him any kid of negotiating muscle to get a better cut than the 60-40.

Roach doesn’t say what he feels would be agreeable in term of a purse split, but if he’s not okay with a 60-40 split and he doesn’t seem to be agreeable to the blood testing either, then you have to wonder what would Roach would agree to. No blood testing and a 50-50 purse split? If Mayweather wasn’t okay with that in 2010 when Pacquiao was at the top of his game, then why would Mayweather agree to that after Pacqiuiao has lost his last two fights? I think Roach shouldn’t become a promoter when his days as a trainer is over, because I don’t think he would do well if he’s going to be taking a hard stance in negotiations for his fighters.