Robert Garcia cuts ties with Alex Ariza

ariza543In a shocking move, widely known trainer Robert Garcia said on Wednesday that he’ll be no longer working with strength and conditioning trainer Alex Ariza. Not only has Garcia stopped working with Ariza, buit he also said that the well-known fighters that he trains – Marcos Maidana, Mikey Garcia, and Brandon Rios – also will no longer work with Ariza.

Without going into specifics, Garcia said that he had some differences with Ariza, and that he felt he needed to cut ties with him.

This is a kind of a confusing move on Garcia’s part, as Maidana fought one of his best fights ever recently in losing a 12 round majority decision to Floyd Mayweather Jr last May. Ariza had only been working with Maidana for a short time, yet he was able to get one of the best performances that we’ve seen in years in terms of his physical conditioning. Before this fight, Maidana had typically run out of gas by the 8th round, and struggled in the last 4 rounds of his fights.

For Ariza, this is the second time that he’s had a major trainer stop working with him. Last year, trainer Freddie Roach stopped using him to train Manny Pacquiao despite the fact that Ariza had done a great job of building Pacquiao up to the welterweight division, and had helped him build up size and strength to defeat fighters such as Antonio Margarita, Joshua Clottey and Miguel Cotto.

Ariza had been working with Pacquiao since 2008. Roach’s gripe with Ariza was that he’d been taking over in the corner during fights and was doing things that wasn’t in his job title such as helping out with cuts. Ariza was just trying to help out, as he’d become close with Pacquiao so naturally he’d want to expand his duties.

It’s unclear where Ariza will go from here. He’s considered one of the best strength and conditioning trainers in the business. He might want to start training fighters instead of just being a S & C coach.