Roy Jones Jr defeats Courtney Fry

A soft looking Roy Jones Jr (58-8, 41 KOs) racked up his 58th career win last Saturday night in stopping 39-year-old journeyman Courtney Fry (18-6, 6 KOs) in the 5th round at the Kipsala Exhibition Centre, Riga, Latvia. Jones Jr, now 45 and no longer trim, fast or youthful looking, hit Fry with a left to the head near the end of the 5th round.

Fry beat the count and finished the remaining seconds of the round to return to his corner. The fight was then stopped in between rounds by his corner. Referee Yuri Koptsev stopped the fight at 3:00 of the 3rd round.

Jones Jr didn’t look nearly as sharp for this fight as he had for his 10 round split decision victory over previously unbeaten Pawel Glazewski in June 2012. Jones Jr didn’t look like he’d trained hard for Saturday’s fight against Fry, as you could see fat over his muscles that had never been there previously during his career.

For the most part, Jones Jr appeared to carry Fry in each round by throwing very, very few punches, and mostly just looking to avoid getting hit by Fry. It was a pure defensive effort by Jones, who showed that he still has excellent skills in avoiding punches with the way he leaned away from Fry’s wild swings. To be sure, Jones Jr put on a defensive clinic during the first four rounds in ducking, dodging and leaning away from everything that Fry threw at him. However, Fry looked like little more than a 3rd tier opponent, and you have to wonder what was going through Jones Jr’s mind to be fighting a guy of this class.

In the 5th round, Jones suddenly started opening up with his shots, as he stayed close to Fry during the entire round, nailing him with pot shots from point blank range every once in a while. Jones Jr didn’t throw a lot of punches, but compared to his low punch output in the first four rounds, he far more active.

Near the end of the round, Jones Jr hit Fry with a clean left hand that dropped him hard on the canvas. By that time, Fry looked both tired and hurt and there was little chance that he was going to be able to continue fighting once the round ended. Had he come out for the 6th, Fry would have likely been dropped immediately by Jones Jr unless he decided to carry him for a while.

All in all, it was a decent performance from Jones Jr against a really poor looking opponent. It’s kind of sad to see Jones Jr still fighting looking the way he did. It would be understandable Jones Jr still fighting if he were in tip top shape and looking well trained, but he didn’t look that way last Saturday.

Jones Jr had visible flab on his body and looked like he had climbed off a couch to take the fight with Fry. At some point, Jones Jr is going to wind up retiring, but you’d hope that he doesn’t end up fighting in his 50s like some of the greats of the past like Jack Johnson, who retired from boxing at the age of 53.