Schaefer planning for Mayweather-Hopkins fight

floyd#001By Chip Kuehn: Bernard Hopkins isn’t the only want that is interested in putting together a fight between him and Floyd Mayweather Jr. (47-0, 26 KO’s) Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions is seemingly eager to make the fight between the two fighters, but it looks like Schaefer wants to wait until the 48-year-old Hopkins is about to turn 50 and Mayweather is about to register his 50th win of his career. Mayweather will likely fight only two times in 2014, and Hopkins won’t be turning 50 until January of 2015.

Schaefer told Fightnews “I was telling Bernard one thing that is out there is the number 50. With Bernard approaching 50 and Floyd Mayweather approaching 50-0, which is historic as well. We all know Rocky Marciano retired at 49-0, and so Floyd is approaching a 50 number and Floyd is approaching a 50 number and that sort of gets my promotional juices going.”

Hopkins says he’s willing to get down to 160 to fight Mayweather in May of next year. He and Schaefer are going to have to get on the same page to come to some kind of an agreement because Hopkins appears to be in a big hurry to get the fight with Mayweather, whereas Schaefer is talking about putting it off for 14 months. It’s unknown if Schaefer spoke with Mayweather about this and he wanted the fight to wait or if it was his brainchild to put the fight off until Hopkins is nearly 50.

This plan doesn’t work for Hopkins because it means he’s going to have to stay active in fighting other guys until January 2015, and there’s a lot of pressure on Hopkins to take on the best fighters in the light heavyweight division in Adonis Stevenson, Sergey Kovalev and Beibut Shumenov. Hopkins has had two easy fights in a row against Tavoris Cloud and Karo Murat.

Fans aren’t going to be pleased to see Hopkins milking his IBF title against weak opposition with no name value. They’re going to want Hopkins to fight the best and when he doesn’t do that, he’s going to lose fans. But if Hopkins does face a quality opponent like Kovalev or Stevenson, he’ll lose to them because those guys are good fighters unlike the guys that Hopkins has been facing in his last two fights.

A fight between Mayweather and Hopkins will be something of a joke because for it to happen Hopkins will have to get down to 160 lbs., which is a weight that he hasn’t fought at in 9 years. He fights at 175, and although he says he can get down to 160, he’s going to be weak at that weight. He’s already slow compared to Mayweather and if you have lost muscle to get down to middleweight, he’ll be slow and weak. That’s not going to make for an interesting fight.