Where does Mayweather Jr go from here?

floyd333By Benny: We all know that Floyd “Money” Mayweather (46-0-26 KO’s) will leave behind a legacy as the best ever [TBE], and this statement is true. Just by looking at his career towards boxing he has really developed a legacy that won’t ever be forgotten. Love or hate this man you cant help but respect what he has done both inside and outside the ring, but with his career near an end you gotta wonder, will this man ever get beaten in the ring?

Having signed this biggest contract of his life with Showtime with 6 fights, you’ve got to wonder if he has wasted any of these fights? in my opinion no he hasn’t. Looking at his last 3 fights you can pretty much say that he danced rings around each fighter. Yes, they did bring some issues throughout the fight, but Floyd has that amazing skill to adapt to any fighter. So another 3 fights left to go down in history, but first the fights which in my opinion will go down in history as Floyd’s best are Oscar De La Hoya (45-6-30 KO’s), Shane Mosley (57-9-1-40 KO’s) and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (45-1-1-31 KO’s). These are the fights I believe that will go down in history as his best fights yet and will be featured one day as his greatest fights, but possible fights for the future can change all that if Floyd picks right.

We have all heard this fight before and it may never ever happen but Floyd vs Manny Pacquiao, a match between these two will be the next greatest fight to go down since Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman back in 1974, but first Manny must make himself worthy by taking on Canelo Alvarez, next would be Marcos Maidana having fought already and everyone saying Marcos won Floyd needs to defeat him and prove everyone wrong, but what about this last one? it cant be Amir Khan cause i believe he isn’t at all worthy enough to face floyd, he doesn’t have anything good about him that can trouble Floyd it will be a waste, the final fighter would be Adrien Broner this man deserves the fight against Floyd, looking at his career it seems that these two would be a great match up.