The Undertaker vs. Lesnar rematch a possibility?

undertaker2Last Sunday the WWE professional wrestling world saw The Undertaker’s 21-mnatch win streak halted at Wrestlemania XXX by heavyweight Brock Lesnar. 70,000 fans saw The Undertaker get beaten by a pin-fall to the 36-year-old Lesnar in a grueling match at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Undertaker was then taken to a nearby hospital with a reported severe concussion. Now there’s rumors of a potential rematch between The Undertaker and Lesnar in a match that could be taking place soon.

With the way that The Undertaker was beaten by Lesnar, he’s going to need to get back in the ring with him sooner or later to try and avenge his loss. There are a lot of fans that want to see The Undertaker redeem himself, as they saw it as an off night for him last Sunday.

Indeed, Lesnar seemed to stun The Undertaker early in the match when he picked him up on his shoulders and dropped him back first on the hard canvas, causing the back of The Undertaker’s head to bounce off the canvas twice like a rubber ball. It looked painful to watch, and from that point on, The Undertaker spent much of the match lying on his back for prolonged periods of time.

Occasionally, The Undertaker was able to struggle wearily to his feet to get in a kick or a punch, but he couldn’t stay on his feet more than a few moments before finding himself back on the canvas on his back.

The Undertaker looked very mortal against Lesnar, and it should have taken a better wrestler to beat him than him had he not been hurt from the initial fall to the canvas. Having The Undertaker’s streak ended by an average wrestler like Lesnar makes the streak look less impressive, because this isn’t a great wrestler. If this was supposed to be a passing of the torch from the old to the young, I think they missed the boat by at least 6 years. The Undertaker is 49-years-old, and Lesner is 36 and he lacks the charisma that The Undertaker has going for him.