Thunder beats Raptors 119-118, Durant scores 51

thunder8Oklahoma City Thunder 119
Toronto Raptors 118

Oklahoma city Thunders forward Kevin Durant had a huge game on Friday night in scoring 51 points with 12 rebounds and 7 assists in the Thunders 119-118 win over the Toronto Raptors (38-30) in double overtime at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Canada. Thunders forward Serge Ibaka scored 13 points. Center Steven Adams grabbed 7 rebounds. Guard Russell Westbrook scored 15 points. Reggie Jackson scored 25 points with 12 rebounds.

Raptors forward Amir Johnson scored 25 points with 12 rebounds. Center Jonas Valanciunas scored 8 points with 13 rebounds. guard DeMar DeRozan scored 33 points with 8 rebounds. Guard Kyle Lowry scored 25 points. Greivis Vasquez scored 21 points.


Other NBA results and scores for Friday, March 21:


Washington Wizards 117
LA Lakers Lakers 107

The Washington Wizards (36-33) defeated the LA Lakers (22-46) by a 117-107 score at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Wizards forward Trevor Ariza scored 12 points with 7 rebounds. Forward Trevor Booker scored 10 rebounds. Center Marcin Gortat scored 13 points with 13 rebounds. Guard Bradley Beal scored 18 points. Guard John Wall scored 28 points with 14 assists. Al Harrington scored 15 points. Drew Gooden scored 11 points 2ith 11 rebounds.

Lakers forward Pau Gasol scored 14 points with 14 rebounds. Center Robert Sacre scored 11 points. Guard Jodie Meeks scored 21 points. Neil Young scored 21 points. Jordan Hill scored 9 points with 14 rebounds. Xavier Henry scored 12 points. Steve Nash scored 5 points with 11 assists.


Detroit Pistons 92
Phoenix Suns 98

The Phoenix Suns (40-29) defeated the Detroit Pistons (25-43) by a 98-92 at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Suns forward P.J. Tucker scored 13 points. Center Miles Plumlee scored 11 points. Guard Eric Bledsoe scored 23 points. Guard Goran Dragic scored 20 points. Markieff Morris scored 16 points with 8 rebounds. Gerald Green scored 12 points.


New Orleans Pelicans 111
Atlanta Hawks 105

The New Orleans Pelicans (28-40) defeated the Atlanta Hawks (31-36) by a 111-105 at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Pelicans forward Anthony Davis scored 34 points with 11 rebounds. Forward Tyreke Evans scored 21 points. Guard Brian Roberts scored 16 points. Austin Rivers scored 10 points. Luke Babbitt scored 11 points.

Hawks forward DeMarre Carroll scored 7 points with 7 rebounds. Forward Paul Millsap scored 20 points. Center Pero Antic scored 14 points. Guard Jeff Teague scored 26 points with 8 assists. Guard Shelvin Mack scored 18 points. Mike Scott scored 10 points.


Memphis Grizzlies 86
Miami Heat 91

The Miami Heat (47-20) defeated the Memphis Grizzlies (40-28) by a 91-86 score at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Heat forward Lebron James scored 15 points with 6 rebounds. Forward Chris Bosh scored 11 points. Guard Mario Chalmers scored 14 points. Guard Dwayne Wade scored 14 points. Ray Allen scored 18 points.

Grizzlies scored forward Zach Randolph scored 25 points with 14 rebounds. Center Marc Gasol scored 14 points with 6 rebounds. Guard Mike Conley scored 12 points. Guard Courtney Lee scored 12 points.


Denver Nuggets 106
Dallas Mavericks 122

The Dallas Mavericks (42-28) defeated the Denver Nuggets (31-38) by a 122-106 score at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Mavericks forward Shawn Marion scored 14 points with 7 rebounds. Forward Dirk Nowitzki scored 21 points. Center Samuel Dalembert scored 4 points with 10 rebounds. Guard Monta Ellis scored 26 points with 7 assists. Guard Jose Calderon scored 13 points. Vince Carter scored 13 points. Brandan Wright scored 13 points. Jae Crowder scored 12 points.

Nuggets guard Ty Lawson scored 17 points with 9 assists. Guard Randy Foye scored 15 points. Darrell Arthur scored 11 points. J.J. Hickson scored 18 points with 8 rebounds. Anthony Randolph scored 10 points with 6 rebounds.


San Antonio Spurs 99
Sacramento Kings 79

The San Antonio Spurs (52-16) defeated the Sacramento Kings (24-45) by a 99-79 score for their 12th straight victory at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California. Spurs forward Tim Duncan scored 10 points with 9 rebounds with 6 assists. Forward Kawhi Leonard scored 15 points with 7 rebounds. Center Tiago Splitter scored 11 points with 11 rebounds. Guard Tony Parker scored 14 points. Manu Ginobili scored 14 points. Marco Belinelli scored 17 points.

Kings forward Rudy Gay scored 14 points. Center DeMarcus Cousins scored 15 points with 13 rebounds. Guard Isaiah Thomas scored 18 points. Guard Ben McLemore scored 13 points.


New York Knicks 93
Philadelphia 76ers 92

New York Knicks (29-40) defeated the Philadelphia 76ers (15-54) by a 93-92 score at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony scored 21 points with 8 rebounds. Forward Amar’e Stoudemire scored 22 points with 10 rebounds. Center Tyson Chandler scored 17 points with 10 rebounds. Guard Raymond Felton scored 7 points with 6 rebounds. Iman Shumpert scored 11 points.

76ers forward Thaddeous Young scored 21 points with 7 rebounds. Center Henry Sims scored 16 points with 13 rebounds. Guard Michael Carter-Williams scored 22 points with 13 rebounds and 9 assists. Guard Tony Wroten scored 12 points.


Boston Celtics 98
Brooklyn Nets 114

The Brooklyn Nets (36-31) defeated the Boston Celtics (23-47) by a 114-98 score at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Nets forward Joe Johnson scored 27 points. Forward Paul Pierce scored 14 points. Center Mason Plumlee scored 18 points. Guard Shaun Livington scored 4 points with 7 rebounds and 6 assists. Andray Blatche scored 10 points. Jorge Gutierrez scored 10 points.

Celtics forward Jeff Green scored 16 points. Forward Brandon Bass scored 9 points. Center Kris Humpries scored 12 points with 12 rebounds. Guard Rajon rondo scored 12 points with 12 rebounds. Guard Avery Bradley scored 28 points.


Chicago Bulls 79
Indiana Pacers 91

The Indiana Pacers (51-18) defeated the Chicago Bulls (38-31) by a 91-79 score at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Pacers forward Paul George scored 10 points with 12 rebounds with 10 assists. Forward David West scored 10 points with 6 rebounds. Center Roy Hibbert scored 12 points with 12 rebounds. Guard George Hill scored 10 points. Guard Lance Stephenson scored 15 points. Evan Turner grabbed 7 rebounds. Luis Scola scored 19 points.

Bulls forward Mike Dunleavy scored 9 points. Forward Carlos Boozer scored 10 points. Center Joakim Noah scored 12 points with 13 rebounds and 6 assists. Guard Jimmy Butler scored 17 points. D.J. Augustin scored 17 points.