Chip Kelly sticking with Nick Foles at QB

foles565By Chip Kuehn: Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly says he’s going to stick with quarterback Nick Foles for the team’s next game on Sunday against the Washington Redskins. It’s kind of a no-brainer though because quarterback Michael Vick is still recovering from a hamstring injury and he’s not expected to be able to return to the lineup for another 3-4 weeks. Foles has thrown 16 touchdowns since taking over for Vick without an interception, so it wold be crazy for Kelly to bench Foles for an injured Vick or worse to put rookie QB Matt Barkley in the lineup to start against the Redskins.

Kelly told “I think we we’ve done for the last two weeks has worked for us pretty good, so we’re going to stick with that formula. It’s got us 16 touchdowns, no interceptions and two wins, so why would we change?”

The Eagles have won 4 out of the last 5 games that Foles has started for them, and he’s done a great job in leading them to victories in the team’s last two games.

This season, Foles has completed 86 of 136 passes for 1,256 yards with a completion percentage of 63.2. The Eagles are tied for 1st place with the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East and have the potential to win the division if Foles can keep playing like he’s done recently. Against the Oakland Raiders two weeks ago, Foles threw 7 touchdowns in completing 22 of 28 passes for 406 yards.

Kelly will be making a huge mistake if he let’s Michael take over the reigns of the offense when he does eventually come back this season from his hamstring injury. Unless Foles is playing horribly, it makes no sense to let a career sub-60 percent passer regain the controls for the team because Vick simply hasn’t played well this season. For this season, Vick has completed 77 of 141 passes for 1,215 yards for a completion percentage of 54.6 percent. That’s the type of completion percentage that you’d see from quarterbacks like Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez, and that’s frankly not good enough for a starter in this league.

Foles may not be the perfect quarterback for Kelly’s no huddle offense, but his accuracy and his ability to throw the deep ball with decent accuracy makes him the best guy on the team right now. Unless Kelly and the Eagles draft a better quarterback in the 2014 draft, I think Foles is the best guy that they have going. It’s pretty incredible how much Foles has improved from last season because he was really nothing special a year ago, but he’s made huge strides this season.