Colts Pagano doesn’t regret trading for Trent Richardson

By Greg Aspen: Indianapolis head coach Chuck Pagano says that he doesn’t regret the trade the Colts made to get former Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson one bit, despite the fact that Richardson is averaging only 2.8 yards per carry since the Colts traded for Richardson from the Browns.

While playing with the Browns, Richardson was just as awful in averaging just a little over 3 yards per carry on 127 attempts for 377 yards. This season, Richardson is averaging 3 yards per carry. Last season, he averaged Richardson averaged 3.6 yards per carry on 267 attempts for 950 yards.

Pagano said via profootballtalk “I don’t know if he’s snake it. I don’t know what the heck is going on. We’ll get it fixed. We’ll get the holes there. He’s making the fight reads, he’s doing all the right things, he knows what to do. You look at Trent’s runs…there’s penetration, a guy is pulling and falls down. There’s a guy in the backfield waiting there.”

When asked if he regrets that the Colts traded away their 1st round draft pick to get Richardson this season, Pagano said “Absolutely not.”

Pagano’s excuses for Richardson’s poor play sound good, but when you look at the fact that fellow Colts running back Donald Brown, a former 2009 1st round draft choice, is averaging 5.9 yards per carry on 55 carries for 323 yards, it gives you an indication that it’s Richardson’s lack of success isn’t because the holes aren’t there. He’s just not taking advantage of the holes that the Colts are making for him, because if Brown is able to consistently run for high averages week after week in the same games that Richardson is being held to below 3 yards per carry, it giveds you a pretty good idea that there’s a problem with Richardson’s ability to run the football.

The Colts are going to need to look long and hard at Richardson for the remainder of the season to determine whether they want to stick it out with him or cut their losses and look to ship him out in a trade because they can’t afford to have a running back getting the amount of carries that Richardson is getting averaging only 2.8 yards per carry.

Despite what Pago is saying about Richardson’s problems being the fault of the offensive line, we’re seeing Richardson getting less carries and Brown getting more during the same time frame. That tells you that the Colts seem to have lost confidence in Richardson and are focusing more on the smaller, but better running back Brown.