Derek Carr pleased with workout with Browns

carr2 (2)Former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr was pleased with how his performance went during his workout with the Cleveland Browns this week. Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan put Carr through his paces during the workout to try and wear him down and test his arm under normal game conditions.

“We do their drills, and they really want to tire you out, see how you’re feeling, really grind you a little bit,” Carr said to Sirius XM’s Late Hits. “And then you go into throwing routes while you’re tired, like a football game. After all that, you do some bootlegs and they want to see how you move on the run when you’re tired.”

It may not matter how good Carr looked during the drills. The Browns are still likely to use their No.4 pick in the 1st round to select another quarterback instead of him. Carr is a decent player, but he lacks arm strength, and he has a reputation of getting nervous when he’s dealing with any kind of pressure.

The last thing that the Browns need is another quarterback that stresses out when feeling the heat from the defenses. The Browns already went through two years with a quarterback like that after drafting Brandon Weeden in the 1st round in 2012. Drafting Carr would be like keeping Weeden for another 4 seasons, and the Browns don’t need that.

Carr is a decent high percentage type of quarterback, who can make the short throws really well, but he lacks the arm strength to throw medium to deep passes. Carr is what you would call a game manager type of quarterback. In other words, someone who can come in and throw a short 5-yard pass on 3rd and 5, and get you the first down. However, he’s not someone that can come in and run the football or throw for 10 years or more to get you a 1st down on a 3rd and long situation.