DeSean Jackson agrees to deal with Redskins

jackson772The Washington Redskins have reportedly reached a deal with receiver DeSean Jackson for an unspecified amount of years and money. Jackson met with the Redskins on Monday, and he then stuck around today, which gave a pretty strong indication that a deal would be reached. The 27-year-old Jackson was recently released by the Philadelphia Eagles after having played with them for 6 seasons.

Ian Rapport from the NFL Network reported the news after getting the information from a source of his within the league. The Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers also were interested in Jackson. Unfortunately, he never even got to them, as the Redskins management weren’t about to let Jackson go from Washington without getting him under contract.

Jackson was scheduled to make $10.5 million with the Eagles in 2014 had they not cut him. It’ll be interesting to learn how much the Redskins paid him, because he brings a lot of baggage with him in joining the Redskins team.

By agreeing to join the Redskins, Jackson will be playing against the Eagles twice a year in the NFC East. It’ll give him a chance to get revenge against his old team. It’ll also give the Eagles a chance to shut Jackson down, and make him look bad.

The Redskins now have Jackson and Pierre Garcon at wide receiver, and tight end Jordan Reed. If quarterback Robert Griffin III can put up big stats with these players than it’s hard to understand when he will.

Before last season, Jackson hadn’t put up really big numbers in his previous 5 seasons. He had twice caught 62 passes, but nothing really huge. But then last season, he caught 82 passes with 1,332 yards with Nick Foles as the quarterback for the Eagles. Interestingly enough, Jackson had said before the season that he felt that Vick was the guy who should be getting the starting job with the Eagles, and that ended up being initially the case. However, after Vick suffered a hamstring injury in the 5th game of the season against the New York Giants, the Eagles went with Foles for the rest of the seasons and he badly out-played Vick. Most of the receptions that Jackson got were from Foles, and not Vick.