Geno Smith playing as bad as JaMarcus Russell

smith673By Jay Kilby: New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith is no longer having a season as bad as Mark Sanchez did in his opening season back in 2009. Geno has gone past that mediocrity to where he’s heading towards the horrible seasons that former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell had with the Raiders from 2007 to 2010 before the Raiders moved on in another direction.

In his three seasons with the Raiders, Russell had a quarterback rating of 65.2. That’s obviously horrible and not even at the level of a backup QB in the NFL. In contrast, Geno Smith’s passing rating this season is 60.4 as a starter with the Jets. Smith’s quarterback rating this season is even lower than that of Sanchez in his rookie season in 2009 when he had a 63. Smith is still slightly ahead of Sanchez’s completion percentage mark in his rookie season with 54.7 compared to his 53.8. However, Sanchez had more touchdowns at 12 compared to Smith with about the same amount of interceptions.

What this tells us is that Smith is heading in the same direction as Russell and Sanchez, and when you have a quarterback playing that tell in their rookie year, there’s usually rarely any improvement. In other words, a terrible quarterback is only capable of climbing to mediocrity and not greatness. It would be wise for the Jets to get a clue sooner rather than later that Smith doesn’t have the talent to play in this league as a starting quarterback. The main reason it’s better for the Jets to know now is that they can focus on drafting a quarterback in the 1st round in the 2014 draft to replace Smith. The Jets could then look to trade Smith, if they can find any takers, or cut him if no one bites at an offer.

The owner of the Jets needs to fire anyone associated with the blessing of Geno Smith as the Jets 2nd round draft choice. The Jets management should have seen with their own two eyes that Smith can’t handle pressure and is a mediocre quarterback.