Geno Smith: Why can’t the Jets make a Super Bowl run?

smith62New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith feels that the Jets can make a run at the Super Bowl in 2014 with their current team despite the fact that they finished 8-8 in 2013, and appear to be still missing in some key areas on offense and on defense.

Smith, who the Jets drafted in the 2nd round in 2013, played horribly throughout the entire season and looked much like a deer with his eyes caught in the headlights of an automobile while playing. He completed just 55% of his throws last season with 12 touchdowns and 21 interceptions.

“I feel good about our team making a Super Bowl run,” Smith told Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. “You know, why not us?”
While the Jets did help themselves during the off season by signing free agent running back Chris Johnson and former Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker, they still appear to be a team that is in need of help in many different positions, especially at the quarterback position.

With the Jets head coach Rex Ryan and general manager stubbornly sticking with Smith despite his horrible play, the brain trust for the Jets organization seems resistant to making adjustments that a normal team would make. If you ask why the Jets won’t make a Super Bowl run in 2014, all you need to do is look at the way that Ryan and Idzik will likely stay the course with Geno Smith as their starter even if he’s completing 50% of his passes. You don’t see good teams with head coaches and general managers willing to put up with poor play.

If teams like the San Francisco 49ers or Seattle Seahawks get poor play from a player then guess what? They replace that player with someone else. They don’t just leave him in there as the starter for the entire season, and then give them starting job the next season as well.

The fact that the Jets didn’t make a move to draft a high quality college quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft is a major reason why the Jets will flounder in 2014. Instead of getting a competent quarterback the Jets signed aging 33-year-old quarterback Michael Vick, whose career completion percentage is 56 percent. That was just a dumb move by the Jets, and almost like signing an aging version of Geno Smith