If Manziel fails will it because of his lifestyle?

manziel6Since being drafted in the 1st round by the Cleveland Browns in the 2014 NFL draft, Johnny Manziel has done little to tone down his social life. He’s still playing hard in his off time, and there are some who feel that he doesn’t have his head completely screwed on straight to be fully dedicated to football at this stage in his life.

It could be that he needed another two seasons in college to mature more before coming out for the draft after he completed 4 full seasons at Texas A&M. But then again it’s quite possible that his night owl behavior would be even more cemented with two more seasons at A&M.

Mike Florio touched on the subject of Manziel’s life outside of football at Yahoo Sports, saying “How can this not be viewed as an act of defiance of the guy who is writing his checks? Florio was speaking about Manziel recently hanging around Justin Bieber. “If Manziel fails, it will all be attributed to his lifestyle no matter what the real reason is. He’s going all in on his ability to play well.”

If Manziel fails to catch on with the Browns, I don’t see it as a situation where his off field activities will be the case of him not winning the starting job or playing well. I see it as a simple case of Manziel being a tiny quarterback who was able to play well at the college level in an offense with A&M that was loaded with talent. But it’s a different story when quarterbacks come out of college and try to do the same things at the pro level.

If they don’t have the size, the arm strength or the ability to throw from the pocket, then they’re not going to do well. Manziel doesn’t have the size and he doesn’t have the talent to play from the pocket. Those areas right there will likely limit his effectiveness in the NFL, and I expect him to sit for most of the 4 seasons he’ll be with the Browns unless they choose to cut him at some point after concluding that he doesn’t have the talent or maturity to play in the league.