Jets defeat Browns 24-13, Rex Ryan on his way out?

ryan657New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is rumored to have met with the Jets team last Saturday night and informed him that he’ll be fired after the team’s last game of the season against the Miami Dolphins, according to Yahoo Sports News. Whether this in fact is true or not is unclear, but it did seem like the Jets played with a lot more emotion and intensity on Sunday in their 24-13 win over the Cleveland Browns (4-11) at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Even Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith seemed to play with an intensity I’d never seen before from him. He was a lot more energized and courageous than he’s been in the past, and even ran the ball 10 times for 48 yards. Having seen Smith run the football in the past, he’d always seem to hit the turf whenever a player was 10 yards from hitting him. But against the Browns, he seemed unafraid and ran with a lot more fire. All I could think of is he was doing it knowing that Rex Ryan is about to be canned in one more game.

The game was tied 10-10 at halftime. But in the 2nd half, the Jets got 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter on a 5-yard pass from Geno Smith to David Nelson for one score followed by a 17-yard touchdown run from Smith to put the Jets up 24-13.

If Ryan is getting fired at the end of the season then it’s not really surprising given the mess that he made out of the quarterback situation by playing Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez behind an offensive line filled with scrubs during the preseason game against the New York Giants. Sanchez was injured when he took a big hit on his shoulder and he ended up missing the entire season. It was a thoughtless move by Ryan in sticking Sanchez in with a backup line. You wouldn’t see a head coach doing that with Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

The victory didn’t mean anything for the Jets in terms of getting them a playoff spot, as they were already eliminated from any chance of making it to the playoffs due to their recent string of 4 losses in their last 5 fights going into the Browns game.

Geno Smith completed 20 of 36 passes for 214 yards with 2 touchdowns and a completion percentage of 55.6.

Browns quarterback Jason Campbell completed 18 of 40 passes for 178 yards with 2 interceptions and 3 sacks.

Jets running back Chris Ivory rushed for 109 yards on 20 carries.

Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon caught 6 passes for 97 yards, which is a low number for him.