Johnny Manziel admits “I need to earn my place” with Browns

Cleveland Browns rookie Johnny Manziel doesn’t mind that the owner of the team wants him to be a backup on the Browns team initially rather than a starter. Manziel agrees with decision, as he thinks he needs to prove himself by earning the job the right way rather than having the starting quarterback job given to him out of college based on what he did at Texas A&M.

Manziel notes that he wasn’t picked until the 22nd spot in the 1st round, and that was kind of an eye opener for him, because he thought that he would be selected much earlier in the draft than the 22nd spot.

“I’m a rookie,” Manziel said. “I need to earn my place. I need to earn my keep. I don’t need to be treated based off what I did in the past because that doesn’t mean a thing at this level. I was completely OK with hearing that from everybody. I don’t want to come in and have anything handed to me that I don’t deserve.”

The Browns general manager Ray Farmer and head coach Mark Pettine may play it coy initially in having Manziel hold a clipboard rather than having him start, but eventually they’re going to need to let him play if the Browns are going o win games. Quarterback Brian Hoyer doesn’t have the kind of talent that the Browns need for them go be a playoff caliber team. As such, if Farmer and Pettine keep Manziel on the bench the entire 2014 season, they’ll only be hurting themselves and potentially putting their heads on the line to be fired if the Browns don’t turn things around and start winning games.

“I got passed up 21 times, so that says something. Getting passed up 21 times is never fun and obviously some of those teams weren’t going to take quarterbacks and we knew that going into it, but still, it’s even humbling to be the second quarterback off the board, so for them to come in and say that, I don’t think I need to be humbled.”

The reason why Manziel got passed up 21 times is because he’s so little at 5’11″, and he looks smaller than his listed height. He might do well running the football, but Manziel is going to need to learn how to throw out of the pocket if he’s going to be successful with the Browns. Right now, Manziel looks like another Colt McCoy, and that’s not a good thing because McCoy, a former 2010 3rd round draft pick for the Browns, ended up being a bust for them.