Kaepernick under investigation for incident in Miami

kaepernick658San Francisco 49ers quarterback is reportedly under investigation for an incident that took place on April 1st in Miami, Florida, According to San Jose Mercury News, the police are investigating an incident that took place at the apartment of Seattle Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette. Kaepernick, Lockette and 49ers receiver Quinton Patton were at the apartment together along with an unnamed female.

49ers general manager Trent Baalke made the following statement to the San Jose Mercury News: “The San 49ers organization is aware of the report regarding Colin Kaepernick and are gathering the facts.”

The female passed out at in the bedroom of Lockette’s apartment. She then woke up at hospital without any recollection of what had taken place. As of now there’s no word about any of the players doing anything wrong. The only thing that’s known is that the woman fell asleep and woke up in a hospital bed without knowing how she got there.

Needless to say the timing of this incident is a poor one for Kaepernick, as he’s heading into his final year of his 4-year contract with the 49ers. Kaepernick is said to be asking for a new contract that will pay him over $20 million per season to re-sign with the Niners. If this investigation turns up something bad on Kaepernick’s part, it will likely jeopardize him getting the money he’s asking for from the 49ers. This isn’t the kind of thing that the franchise needs, and you can bet that they’ll be doing everything they can to make sure that they find out the facts before they choose to offer Kaepernick a new contract.

Kaepernick has only started for the 49ers in one full season in 2013, and he didn’t play that well in completing only 58 percent of his throws. He had 10 games last season where he failed to throw for 200 years or more. His play wasn’t anywhere close to being a $20 million per season quarterback, although he did show flashes of being that type of quarterback in a couple of games.