Kyle Shanahan certain RG3 will play well next season

rg3By Carlos Jones: Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan doesn’t see Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III having problems next season like he’s had this season when he comes back. Shanahan believes that RG3 will once again be the quarterback he was in his rookie season, and he doesn’t feel there will be a quarterback controversy with RG3 and backup Kirk Cousins.

In fact, Kyle is in favor of trading away Cousins if he plays well in the final three games of this season if the Redskins can get some high draft picks for him. In other words, Cousins will be traded away to avoid there being any quarterback controversy from starting should he play extremely well in the final three games.

Shanahan said to the press “He’s [Cousins] someone we can can get high draft picks for. I think it’s ridiculous to think that we’re going to have a quarterback controversy.That’s not even a possibility or an option to me.”

It seems to me that the Redskins could be shooting holes in their own boat if they trade away Cousins if he plays well in the last 3 games, because that’s a move that would be done under the assumption that RG3 is going to come back for the 2014 season and play like he did in the 2012 season. If that fails to happen, and RG3 continues playing poorly like he did in 2013, then the Redskins won’t have Cousins and they’re be stuck with RG3.

There’s a lot of people who feel that RG3’s success last season was based on the other teams in the NFL not being familiar with the read option offense that the Redskins were using. Now that the teams know how to stop it, RG3 has been forced to adapt into becoming more of a pocket passer in order to get his passes off. Unfortunately he’s not been able to make that transition and the Redskins have played poorly on offense all season long.

Kyle’s dad, Mike Shanahan, the head coach of the Redskins, also has the idea that the Redskins should immediately look to trade Cousins if he plays well in the final three games. You have to wonder is this move really being done to help strengthen the Redskins team by adding draft picks, or is this a move being done to make RG3 feel more secure in his job. If it’s the latter case, then the Redskins might end up trading their backup QBs left and right if they end up outplaying RG3, which doesn’t seem to be that hard to do with him looking like a total bust.