Manziel’s a better passer than Kaepernick and Wilson when they turned pro, says Mayock

manziel11125NFL analyst Mike Mayock believes that former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is a better passer than either Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson were when they first turned pro back in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Mayock sees Manziel as a better passer than them, and as good as UCF quarterback Blake Bortles, who is noted for having a strong passing arm.

Before his recent Pro Day work out, Manziel wasn’t noted for a great arm, but he opened some eyes with that workout, one of which is Mayork.

“His [Manziel] arm is every bit as good as almost every quarterback in this draft, including Blake Bortles,” Mayock said to the NFL Network. “I think he’s a better thrower than either Kaepernick or Russell Wilson were when they came out.”

Mayock’s assessment of Manziel’s throwing ability seems to be a tad bit off. Manziel is definitely a better thrower than Kaepernick, but that’s no revelation, as he’s had accuracy problems since his college days and that hasn’t changed one bit in the pros. Kaepernick is a poor example of a quarterback to compare Manziel to, because there are much more accurate passers in the NFL than Kaepernick. But as far as Manziel having a stronger arm than Kaepernick, he definitely doesn’t. It’s like night and day. Kaepernick is the much stronger passer of the two. Manziel also doesn’t have a stronger arm than Bortles. He might be the more accurate thrower, but he definitely doesn’t have the arm strength that Bortles does.

Wilson was the better passer compared to Manziel in coming out of college. He completed 72.8 percent of his throws with a passing rating of 191.8 in his senior season. In comparison, Manziel completed 69.8 percent of his throws with a passing rating of 172. Kaepernick completed 64.9 percent of his throws in his senior seasons with a passing rating of 150.5.

Kaepernick was by far the better runner than Manziel, and he’ll always be a better runner because he’s got more size than him. If Manziel tries to run the ball the way Kaepernick has in the pros, he’ll end up getting torn in half by one of the big cornerbacks in the league.