Mettenberger under pressure to perform well at Pro Day

mettenberger4Quarterback Zach Mettenberger will be under a lot of pressure in today’s Pro Day at LSU, as he’s going to be working out in front of a large number of scouts, general managers and coaches who want to see how well he throws the ball. Mettenberger is thought to be a player with the type of talent to be drafted late in the 1st round if he looks good.

Mettenberger has got one of the strongest arms in the class of quarterbacks coming out for the 2014 draft, and his 6’5”, 235lb size is an added benefit a well. Mettenberger has been compared to Joe Flacco and Dan Marino by some NFL experts.

In 2012, Mettenberger completed only 58 percent of his passes in throwing out of the shotgun formation with LSU. It wasn’t until last season when the team changed their offense to a pro type with Mettenberger lining up behind center that he started to play at a high level. Perhaps one reason for Mettenberger’s transformation was his ability to see the receivers better while he was dropping back to pass.

Not everyone is enamored of Mettenberger’s skills, though, as NFL media insider Albert Breer was told by an AFC player personnel coach that Mettenberger “can make all the throws…I really think, on the field, his accuracy is the issue. He can get cold…he’s streaky; he’ll get hot and rip off nine straight, or come out and look terrible…The only thing that limits him is his mobility: He’s a traditional, old-school pocket passer. And in today’s NFL, with the all the speed out there, for a throwback pocket passer to be successful, they have to be an absolutely tremendous passer.”

Mettenberger completed 64% of his passes in 2014 for LSU before suffering a torn ACL against Arkansas late in the season. For Mettenberger to succeed in the NFL, he’ll need to increase his accuracy, because he’s never going to be a mobile quarterback. However, there are some very good pocket passers like Tom Brady, Joe Flacco and Peyton Manning who have gone quite well despite not having the ability to run or scramble.