Namath: I’d love to have Manziel on my team

namath7Former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath thinks the criticism that Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel has received lately for various reasons is too much piling on by the media, and he believes that he should be given room to breathe and be a 22-year-old. Manziel recently took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, and he’s taken a lot of heat about that due to it being seen in a negative light by some football fans of the sport.

What difference does it make, really?” Namath said to the NFL Network. “And it is an example of the different eras and time. I do know this about Johnny Manziel: I haven’t seen anyone perform any better than Johnny the last two seasons on that football field.”

Manziel has been given the new-bee treatment by the Browns organization with the management dropping him to No.3 in the depth charts right off the bat, and with Browns general manager Ray Farmer saying that quarterback Brian Hoyer is better than Manziel right now. You normally don’t see GM’s coming out to say that one of their players are better than another one on the team, and it kind of shows you what Manziel is up against with the organization.

“Give the man a little bit of room. But, in his position, he’s not entitled to be a regular guy, 22 years old, 21 years old,” Namath said. “Everything’s blowing out of whack. I’d love him on my team, let me just say that.”

We’re going to find out real soon what the Browns’ management think about Manziel, because if they let him sit and rot on the bench instead of playing him, they could be shooting themselves in the foot. At the end of the day, it’s Farmer and Browns head coach Mike Pettine who have their jobs on the line.

If they want to play games with Manziel and give him the rookie treatment by not letting him play, it’ll be the Browns who end up suffering this season. And I doubt the owner of the team will be too pleased to see his team playing poorly this season with Manziel not being used.