Nick Foles the Eagles starter, says Chip Kelly

foles5633By Luke Penhasi: Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly revealed on Tuesday that quarterback Nick Foles is the Eagles starting quarter, and not just for next Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals but for the remainder of the season provided that he doesn’t suffer an injury or suddenly tank.

Foles has played exceptionally well in replacing the injured starting quarterback Michael Vick since he took over for him last month. Foles has led the Eagles to a 5-1 record in the six games that he’s started, and he’s played as well as the top quarterbacks in the NFL during that time.

Foles has completed 63.6 percent of his passes with a completion percentage of 63.6 and a quarterback rating of 128 this season. The Eagles started out this season 1-3, but Foles has brought them back to a 6-5 record and they’re not tied with the Dallas Cowboys for 1st place in the NFC East Team.

Coach Kelly pretty much had no choice but to keep Foles as the starter because he’s not only turned the team completely around with his incredible play, but he also totally blew away Vick in terms of stats. Vick’s completion percentage this season is 54.6 compared to Foles 63.6 and his quarterback rating is 86.4 compared to Foles 128. Kelly would look like an imbecile if he were to bench Foles and replace him with Vick once he’s finally recovered from his hamstring injury, whenever that is.

The 32-year-old Vick kind of dug his own hole this season by choosing to run the ball as much. He should have learned from last season that he’s too old to be playing like he used to earlier in his career, and that he’s suffering too many injuries by continuing to play in this manner. Vick had a powerful enough arm for him to be a good pocket passer, yet he insisted on running the football frequently instead of being satisfied with being a good pocket passer. The Eagles are definitely better off with Foles as their starter, even though he doesn’t have the running ability that Vick has. Foles is so much more accurate and he doesn’t throw the interceptions that Vick did.

Vick is going to need to make some major adjustments in his game if he wants to stay around in the league for much longer because he’s going to find himself as a backup on any team he goes to if he keeps getting hurt from running the football.