No interest in Kirk Cousins for Redskins

The Washington Redskins are getting zero nibbles from other teams looking to fish for the Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins before the start of the season. The Redskins are interested in trading Cousins for a 2nd round draft pick or higher in order to give them something for him before his rookie contract expires at the end of 2015. Cousins has also made it known that he wouldn’t mind being traded by the Redskins so that he’d have an opportunity to start for another one of the 31 NFL teams in the league.

The Redskins’ problem is that the former Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan made the mistake of allowing Cousins to start the final three games of the 2013 season, and he played poorly in those games. Cousins completed 52.4 percent of his throws with a passing rating of 58.4. Those aren’t good numbers or even close to it. Cousins looked lost and confused in those last three games, and even worse than Robert Griffin III had played during the season.

What’s working against the Redskins, besides the poor play of Cousins last season, is the fact that this is a strong draft in terms of quarterbacks, and teams in the NFL can easily fight quarterbacks as good as or better than Cousins in the later rounds of the draft. There’s no point in a team giving up a valuable 2nd round pick for a mediocre quarterback like Cousins because it simply doesn’t make any sense at all whatsoever.
The Redskins should keep Cousins in case RG3 suffers another knee injury, because the chances are fairly high that he’s going to go down with some kind of injury or another during the season. The only other Redskins backup quarterback is Colt McCoy, who has a weak arm and can’t throw.

The Redskins are likely going to be stuck with Cousins for the remainder of this season. But what they need to do is give him some playing time during the season in order for him to showcase his skills got other teams.