Percy Harvin to play against Saints

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin will be starting for the Seahawks on Saturday in their playoff game against the New Orleans Saints in Seattle. Harvin has had a hip injury that has kept him out of action for ages since he injured it training by himself before the start of the season. He subsequently had surgery to correct the problem, but after rehabbing for over 2 months, Harvin re-injured his hip during the season.

The Seahawks have good enough receivers in Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin to where the team will be okay even if he doesn’t play or if he plays and doesn’t perform at his best. It’s not so much the receivers that is holding the Seahawks’ offense back; it’s more a case of quarterback Russell Wilson scrambling around too much in the pocket and not finding the guys that are open.

The Seahawks have a good running back in Marshawn Lynch who they’ll attempt to use as their main guy to test whether the Saints can stop him. Lynch is quite a load, but he’s someone that is slow and predictable in his running style. If the Saints can stop him, then you can expect to see Russell Wilson throwing the ball to Harvin, if he can get the ball to him. Harvin is more of a deep threat who thrives more with teams that have a quarterback with a strong arm that can get him the ball deep down field.

Wilson doesn’t have that kind of an arm unfortunately. I mean, he can throw the ball deep when he heaves the ball, but the ball tends to float and a take a long time to get to it’s target. Unless Harvin is able to get beyond the Saints defenders, we could see the passes either falling incomplete or getting intercepted.

The Seahawks wasted a lot of money and draft picks in trading for Harvin, and right now it just looks like they really blew it by taking him. It’s not as if he doesn’t have a history of injury or anything like that, because he had problems when he played for the Minnesota Vikings in going down with various injuries. That’s probably why they were so eager in trading him to the Seahawks. Believe me, if the Vikings were enamored of Harvin’s playing ability, do you really think they would have traded him away to the Seahawks?