Rex Ryan with no plans of changing Tajh Boyd’s position right now

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan says he doesn’t plan on changing the position of rookie quarterback Tajh Boyd to switch him to something other than a quarterback in 2014. The Jets drafted Boyd in the 6th round [No.213] in the 2014 NFL draft out of Clemson, but the Jets are stacked with quarterbacks right now with Geno Smith as their projected starter and veteran Michael Vick as the backup. The Jets also have Matt Simms as the No.3 quarterback on the team, at least for now.

In a press conference this week, Ryan said that Boyd is just a quarterback “right now, but that at a later point in the season they might “consider” switching him around in order to use his running ability in some way. How the Jets will do this is unknown, because they wouldn’t be fooling anyone if they inserted Boyd into the game as a wildcat quarterback. Everyone would know that the chances of him running the football would be high, so the element of surprise would be lost.

There’s no point in switching Boyd to receiver because he wouldn’t be as good as the the Jets player he would be replacing if he were to enter the game in that position, and he doesn’t have the size to play at tight end. The Jets also couldn’t use him as a running back, because that’s a position that takes years of development to become good at.

Boyd completed 68.5 percent of his throws in 2013 with Clemson and 67.2 in 2012. He’s actually a very good quarterback who doesn’t get stressed out when he takes a hit or when he’s dealing with a heavy pass rush like the Jets starter Geno Smith does. The Jets would be better off with Boyd as their starter than Smith, as Boyd seems to be a lot more of a calm player with a more solid foundation than Smith.

As bad as the Jets have been in terms of coaching, I don’t expect Ryan to connect the dots and figure out that Boyd would be better as their starter than Smith, so you can expect Boyd to either languish on the bench in 2014 or end up getting cut. In the meantime, look for Geno Smith to continue to play horribly as the Jets starter, and thus putting Ryan in a very bad position after the season when it comes to him trying to keep his job.