Shanahan refuses to bench RG3

With the Washington Redskins now having lost their first two games of the season and being on the verge of losing their 3rd straight game this Sunday against the Detroit Lions, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan is refusing to bench quarterback Robert Griffin III, who has had a large part in the team losing both of those games. While some NFL fans see it as a case of the Redskins defense being poor and giving up a lot of points early in those two games, a reason for teams putting up a lot of points on the Redskins is the fact that RG3 has struggled to get first downs during the first half against teams.

We’ve seen a lot of 3 and outs with the Redskins when the game was still on the line, and it hasn’t been until the garbage point in games that RGIII has been able to get first downs and put points on the board.

Shanahan said to the Washington Post “If we didn’t feel that way, he [RG3] wouldn’t be in there.”

The whole issue is that RG3 doesn’t look like he’s 100 percent, and you see that by the fact that he’s not running the football, his throwing mechanics are all messed up with him unable or unwilling to put weight on his surgically repaired right leg, and his passes are getting intercepted or falling incomplete.

The Redskins have a very capable backup in Kirk Cousins and he would be perfect to come in and lead the Redskins to a few victories so the team can stop the bleeding. The team can’t afford to lose anymore games if they want to make it to the playoffs this season, and with the way that RG3 is playing right now, I don’t see the Redskins going anywhere.

Cousins is a better pocket passer than RG3 and capable of doing a better job than what we’re seeing from him. The best thing the Redskins could do is let RG3 slowly rehab his knee and then let him play in December when the team needs him most. Right now RG3 is useless to everyone. He’s completed 60 percent of his passes in 2 games, but he’s played so poorly in both of those games that it doesn’t really matter what his completion percentage is. He’s getting those numbers during garbage time instead of when things really matter in the first half.