Woodson expects Matt Schaub to start for Raiders in 2014

schaub78Oakland Raiders safety Charles Woodson believes that veteran quarterback Matt Schaub will ultimately end up as the Raiders starting quarterback for 2014 despite the strong play from Raiders rookie 2nd round draft choice quarterback Derek Carr during the team’s practices.

The Raiders traded a 5th round pick to the Houston Texans during the off season for Schaub. They then signed him to a 2-year $13.5 million contract with $4.5 million guaranteed. With the kind of money that the Raiders are paying Schaub, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for them to have him playing behind an unproven rookie like Derek Carr, especially given that Carr came from Fresno State, which isn’t a powerhouse in football.

Carr played against awful teams in college and piled up stats that likely won’t be anywhere near what he’ll be doing as a pro. The only thing you can get from watching Carr’s career in college is that he struggled and looked horrible in the rare games where Fresno State played good football teams like USC.

“I think we’re counting on it,” Woodson said to SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I think every man on the team is counting on him being the guy. You know, you bring him over from Houston, and it’s been duly noted about the struggles that he had last year. But you can’t discount the year that he had before last year so we’re looking at last year as being an anomaly and that not being the true Matt Schaub. And the one thing I notice about him is he’s always talking to (defensive coordinator) Jason Tarver after practice. So this is a guy that understands how to get better, knows what to look at, and in order to make himself better.”

Schaub completed 61.2 percent of his throws in 2013 with a passing rating of 73 for the Texans. He had 14 interceptions. His accuracy wasn’t that bad, but his decision to force the ball into well-covered receivers led to his problems with the interceptions.

It’s hard to see Schaub as having lost it overnight in terms of his ability to play. It just looked like he lost his confidence due to some of the Texans blowout defeats. There wasn’t much protection for Schaub on the offensive line, and he didn’t have great receivers to throw the ball to, which caused Schaub to try and throw to the receiver before he was open.

It’s very likely the Raiders will go with Carr sooner or later as their starter, but I have a feeling that they’re not going to like what they see in him. He wasn’t selected in the 1st round for a reason. He lacks arm strength and he gets nervous when pressured. None of those things will likely ever change no matter how long Carr stays in the NFL.