DeSean Jackson looking for big money

Former Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson may have been cut by the Eagles, but that’s not stopping him from looking to get huge money from whichever team that signs him. Jackson, 27, is reportedly interested in getting $9 million to $10 million per season, and that in turn is causing a lot of the teams back off. They want Jackson, but not at a cost that will break their bank.

“Just one source, not directly connected but informed says he heard that DeSean Jackson is still very much looking for 9-10 M per year AVG +,” said ESPN 980′s Chris Russell.

Jackson was on the verge of receiving $10.5 million for the 2014 season had the Eagles not cut him from the team. It’s not surprising that the Eagles were unable to make a trade with another team to unload him, because it’s bad enough that a team would need to pay his huge salary, but to have to give up a draft choice in addition to that would be asking way too much.

It’s possible that Jackson may find a team willing to pay him in the range of $5-6 million for the 2014 season, but it’s very unlikely someone will want to pay him $9 million and above, not with the baggage that Jackson brings with him due to his past problems. If he had a great reputation with the Eagles, then it’s possible that a team might be willing to give him the big money. But Jackson doesn’t have a great rep, and paying him that kind of money would be insane.

There are too many good receivers coming out of the draft for a team to pay a small receiver like Jackson $9-10 million per season. San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin is getting $6 million for the 2014 season, and he was a lot better than Jackson was last season. So why should another team pay Jackson big money when he’s not even as good as Boldin?